Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Carolyn over at Digicyber Scraps made the most darling kit called Baby It's Cold Outside. I'm a little slow with my quick pages, but I finally got moving again. This time around, I thought I'd show off two of my daughter's winter formal pics in the pages I made:

And here's the preview:

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sorry! It seems I transposed an important part of the html code when I wrote my post yesterday. The link is now fixed on the Gingerbread QP's below. Enjoy!

It's a Gingerbread Christmas!

Well, it's time for Carolyn's Gingerbread Christmas Qp's! Go to her Digiscraps blog to download this "sweet" kit if you haven't already - lots and lots of goodies.

This is what you get when you download my qp's - plus this bonus page with the year "2009" on it - that way you can choose whether or not you like the year there! :)


May you have a wonderful Christmas season this year!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Into Autumn

Well, I've been absent of late. Haven't been doing a whole lot of scrapbooking for awhile. That's what comes of being a busy Mom and writer. ;)

Still, Carolyn over at DigiCyber Scraps has done a fabulous freebie kit called "Fall into Autumn" on her blog and I've got two quick pages for you out of the deal.

You can download them HERE.

Hang tight, because more QP's are coming with Carolyn's Christmas Blog Train!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday America QP's

I hope you're enjoying your summer. We've been so busy I've taken a break from the scrapbooking world, but I'm ready to hit it again. Forgot how much fun I had doing these! :)

Well, Carolyn over at DigiCyberscraps has given us some really fun stuff to work with. They're from her Happy Birthday America Kit and you can find out how to get it from her BLOG. Here is the preview along with some playful things I've done with them for my own scrapbook, using nothing but elements from her kit, of course!

(he insisted I switch the color to BLUE - picky little boy! lol!)

I tried to make some of them pretty plain so if you wanted to do something other than 4th of July you could - lot's of folks out there not from America! I know, I know - the purpose is to just drop the pics in, write a little something on the page and go - you can do that too if you want. :) Have fun!

Sorry, link expired.

(Please remember after a week the links get taken down but you can still buy them in her store!)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bring May Flowers QP

Today's freebie Quick Pages are from Carolyn's "Bring May Flowers" kit - her follow up from "April Showers". See her BLOG for details on how to purchase it.

I am sorry to say I only have two quick pages for you today. I didn't have time to play with this beautiful kit Carolyn put together to do it justice - I'm in the middle of chapter three of my novel and trying to get the family out for a week of camping! Eek! I hope you enjoy these two pages all the same - I chose bright colors because I LOVE bright and cheery pages in my scrapbooks.

Here are the pages with some pics I took of my daughter enjoying the tulips this Spring:

Sorry link expired

Please remember that these freebies are only up for a week, and then they go down and are still available through Carolyn's store, so grab them soon! Til later! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have word art to share, but it's saved on one of those wonderful little stick thingys that my children have lovingly misplaced for me! :P I'm headed out the door to go camping, so it will be Sat. before another freebie is posted. That's when I get to post my qp's for Carolyn's Bring May Flowers kit. So stay tuned! :)